These stories made you laugh, cry or just told you what was going on in your community. Either way, you shared these stories with your friends. These are our top 10 most shares stories of 2017.

10. DNA test: Subway serving chicken that's only 50% chicken

It may taste like chicken, but it might not be what you’re eating. A DNA test of chicken at several Subway restaurants found that the “chicken” only contained about 50 percent chicken DNA

9. Once-missing DC teen tells her story

Earlier this year, a story went viral that suggested several African-American teenage girls were taken from the District. Delia Gonclaves investigated this claim and found out that a girl who was listed a missing, says she was never lost.

8. Free marijuana on Inauguration Day

This year's Inauguration was lit, and this is why.

7. Georgia model vanishes, body found with organs missing

While waiting for his friend to pick him up from a gas station in California, he vanished. His body was found 74 days later, nearly two miles from the gas station, without the organs.

6. The disappearance of Relisha Rudd: 3 years later

It has been three years since Relisha Rudd went missing. Earlier this year, we showed you video for the first time of Relisha a month before she went missing.

Relisha Rudd was last seen in 2014. DC police issued an Amber Alert about her disappearance. She's still missing.

5. A Seattle store for people with a passion for purple

If you love the color purple, then you'll absolutely love this store. From fur dyes to neckties every item is perfectly, pleasingly purple.

4. Heroin-filled lollipops seized at Dulles Airport

A man brought heroin-filled lollipops in on a flight from El Salvador. He was flagged as a business courier, which meant his packages had to go through a routine secondary examination.

3. Beating the Odds: 17 DC students receive full college scholarships

One week these students were rallying for one of their classmates who was hurt in a double shooting. The next week, 17 students signed full scholarships to college.

2. NBC4 Washington news anchor Jim Vance dies

Jim Vance, a longtime NBC4 Washington anchor, died at 75. Earlier this year, he told his colleagues that he was being treated for cancer.

1. Cicadas underground for 17 years start to emerge

Some people love them, but most of us can't stand them - the cicadas! Let's just say we're glad the summer is over.