The National Theater in Washington D.C. will host the world premiere of Mean Girls. That's fetch, right?!

Mean Girls is based on a screenplay by the hilarious, nine-time Emmy winning Tina Fey. Will the musical have all the attitude and sass you'd hope for in play based on this cult classic? We'll let Tina Fey answer that question.

"We wanted to retain the spirit, the DNA of the movie and core values of the movie...the thing I've learned is figuring out in the process is when people sing", says Fey.

So when do people sing in Mean Girls? You'll have to see the show to find out.

Oh and why didn't fetch never catch on? "It wasn't supposed to, and it can never catch on," says Fey with a smile on her face.

The show runs October 31 to December 3. Click here for ticket information.

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