Thousands of people visit the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington DC daily.

Many came on Friday night despite rain and fog to pay homage to the civil rights leader for the MLK Day holiday.

For Matt Bogen, the mist surrounding figure made it look like a good place to have a little bit of solitude.

"Martin Luther King stands in the tradition of Americans who thought that we could be better than we act sometimes," said Bogen.

Martin Luther King Jr. is known for his hand in changing the course history and fighting for equality.

“He gave us hope for a time when there wasn't any,” expressed Carmen Mitchell.

Many said that they feel like MLK would not be happy with the progress being made.

"He'd be pretty incensed that nobody seems to be listening to anybody else," said Bogen.

"I think that he would be very sad," stated Mitchell. "Through all the work that he's done, we're almost still where he started."