The amount of rain Hurricane Harvey has dumped on Texas is unfathomable.

We crunched some numbers and are breaking it down in terms that may be easier to understand:

The amount of rain that has fallen is enough to fill all 31 NFL stadiums, and over 120 college football stadiums, and then multiply that number by 100.

Harris County, Texas has been inundated with 732 billion gallons of water. That is enough to fill one million olympic size swimming pools.

There is also enough water to fill 33, 906 Empire State buildings from basement to Penthouse.

There is also enough water to fill the entire lower 48 states. The depth of that water would be equal to the depth of 3 pennies stacked on top one another.

Now, let's compare this all to Hurricane Katrina. If we took the amount of rainfall that Texas has seen and spread it over New Orleans, the water would be 128 feet in height. That is equivalent to the height of a 12-story office building.

In total, Ryan Maue of WeatherBell Analytics says 20 trillion gallons of water will fall by the end of Wednesday.