A terrifying twist on a Six Flags ride.

A roller coaster was stranded with two dozen people stuck.

By Thursday night, crews were able to save 24 people from the ride.

Two teens were some of the first people rescued for Joker's Jinx. The teens told WUSA9's Pete Muntean that they've been on the ride before. 

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But this time, they were stuck for more than hour. After being rescued, they said they will ride again.

Thirteen-year-old Desarius Valverde and his older sister Julia love coming to Six Flags, but never liked leaving it as much as they did after being rescued. 

"I just wanted to see my parents. Maybe eat some chicken tenders, Go home with my family and sleep," said Julia. 

The two were on the ride for only a minute when they say it just ran out of momentum. At first, they thought they were being fooled by the Joker’s Jinx.

"We both thought it was some sort of trick because it’s one of those rides. And when we realized it wasn’t, we were starting to get really scared," said Desarius. 

Their dad, Javier, watched from below as Prince George’s County Firefighters started to rescue riders.

"We were pretty scared they kept reassuring us that they were professionals. It helped calm us down a bit," said Javier. 

Firefighters brought the two teens to the ground first. Six Flags gave the family American Flag blankets and a meal. That was enough for them to come back to the amusement park again.

"All is well that ends well," said Javier. "Have faith. I believe good things can happen even in bad situations." 

This is a busy time for the park with a lot of schools are on spring break. That’s exactly what the Valverde family was doing.

The amusement park just opened Saturday.

The same ride with the same amount of people became stalled in August 2014.

This is at least the fourth time since 2014 the Joker's Jinx has broken down with people on board, CBS News reports.

According to Six Flags America, the Joker’s Jinx launches riders from zero to 60 miles per hour in just over three seconds. The rider lasts 75 seconds. It debuted at the amusement park in 1999.