WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- It's not often you find yourself in a room stocked piled with women's lingerie and things many women could buy.

"I have maternity bras and training bras," said Dana Marlowe, as she sifted through an array of colorful bras of various sizes on a bed.

Marlowe says being surrounded by lingerie is a normal day at the office. A small bedroom in her basement is packed wall-to-wall with bras and feminine hygiene products.

She's been collecting them for a year and donating them to women in need.

"Sometimes the little things are really the big things," she said.

"Having a bra can give someone dignity and make them stand taller and feel better."

Marlowe first got the idea to donate bras after speaking with someone from a SOMA store in Bethesda. She thought her idea to donate would be a fleeting moment, no more than two weeks.

"I thought I was done July 30. [For] two weeks, we would collect some bras and then it became bigger than that, "she said.

Crisis and difficult life circumstances don't stop the need for essential personal and hygiene items.

"A period is period; is a period. Period."

She's collected 20,000 bras thus far and has helped people all over the world. The growing demand has also given birth to her organization "Support the Girls."

It has affiliate networks worldwide with women and men doing their part in their communities. Looking ahead, Marlowe envisions a larger,robust organization with a full staff and the financial backing of donors.

Until that becomes a reality, she'll continue to collect, store and serve those that need her help most.