A search for an armed and dangerous felon is underway after the suspect shot a dog.

It wasn't just any dog. It was a K-9 named DUX with the Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Department.

Dux had surgery today and we're told it went well. His doctor says he's been resting comfortably.

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Just home from a trip out of town, Richard Oh notices a bullet hole in his roommate's Mini Cooper. He's heard about the shooting, but didn't realize it was this close.

"It's scary. Unbelievable. Not what you expect to have this just happen outside your new home," said Oh.

Another car was also hit, and so was Dux, a German Shepherd K-9 with the Spotsylvania Sheriff's Department.

"I was in my room, heard the gunshots and came outside. They said get back in the house," said Amy Davis who lives in the neighborhood.

It was a gun battle right outside their homes just after 9 p.m.

"We looked out our window, we saw blue lights and police walking around everywhere," said resident James Hay.

It all started when a deputy pulled over a driver for a minor traffic violation along Lafayette Boulevard.

The driver pulled into the Sheetz gas station parking lot. When the deputy found out that the driver was wanted on numerous felonies, he took the driver into custody without incident.

But the passenger, 34-year-old Joseph Conway, got out and started fighting with the deputy, according to Captain Jeffrey Pearce.

He said Conway also had outstanding warrants and took off running toward a neighborhood. That's when the another deputy showed up with DUX the K-9.

Capt. Pearce said Conway "stopped several yards down range and started firing at the deputies and dog."

The deputies were not hit, but Dux was hit twice.

Pearce says Dux played a role in the deputies safety.

"Sadly, they assume the risk.These dogs keep deputies safe in dangerous situations," said Pearce.

Joseph Conway got away running through the neighborhood. One home had a small camera on the doorbell which caught him running by.

With his picture out there, the Sheriff's Department says it's confident they will catch him soon.

Arrest warrants have been issued for Conway: Two counts of Capital attempted murder of a law enforcement officer and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

James Conway is a resident of King George County, but he's also lived in Fredericksburg and is reported to have friends in Raleigh, North Carolina.