New details and a possible motive in a bizarre double murder and kidnapping that started in Charlotte and ended Sunday night in DC.

Relatives say an 11-year-old girl was not the only kidnap victim.

When DC Police finally cornered the supect's car by the Tidal Basin, they say they found three people inside: A terrified 11-year-old kidnap victim: Arieyana Forney; Curtis Atkinson: suspected of murdering her grandparents and kidnapping her; And another woman, Nakkia Cooper. Police have a warrant charging Cooper with kidnapping. But her father says she's a victim too.

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"He's very abusive," said Ben Minkins. Cooper's father said murder and kidnap suspect Curtis Atkinson hits and slaps his daughter all the time.
He said she was the one who called DC Police and alerted them that she, Atkinson, and the 11-year-old they were looking for, were in a white Impala, racing around the city. 

"My daughter called. She called 911. And then let them know she was being a hostage."

Arieyana has already been through a lot. Her father was shot to death four years ago. Her grandparents took her in.

"She was a very smart little girl," said a neighbor who did not want to give his name."And Curtis and Ruby, they just doted on that little girl."

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police think Curtis Atkinson Junior, murdered his parents on Sunday and kidnapped his niece.
Cooper's dad says Atkinson killed them because his dad had beaten him as a child.

"He said out of his mouth, 'One day, I'm going to kill my father.' Curtis said it several times, he's going to kill his father because he beat him every day.'"

Atkinson and Cooper will likely be extradited back to Charlotte in the next two days, where the courts will have to straighten this out.

DC Police say when they took Cooper to the hospital, they found she had hidden 120 tablets of oxycodone in a body cavity. Her father says Atkinson forced her to do it.