Two Maryland State Park police cars were hit Tuesday night by a suspected drunk driver on I-495, according to police. 

The crash happened around 11 p.m. in lane four of the inner loop of I-495, just south of Allentown Road, where two patrol cars were stopped behind each other. Both of the police cars had their emergency lights on, Maryland State police said. The officers were outside of their cars helping those involved in a crash. 

Kenric L. Stephens, 62, of Temple Hills didn't stop and hit the back of one of the patrol vehicle, driving it into the one in the front. Officers noticed signs of impairment and continued to investigate. This led to his arrest. 

Stephens was charges with driving while impaired and other related traffic charges. Police said Stephens was not injured. 

Three lanes of I-495 were closed for about 45 minutes due to the crash.