Students battled it out with chalk and concrete on the sidewalk at the University of Maryland College Park.

A former student group, called Terps For Trump, chalked pro-deportation messages in front of the student union.

“It was pretty upsetting cause I'm of Latin heritage,” Renita Fajardo said.

The pro-Trump messages chalked on the sidewalk read ‘#MyPresident’, ‘Snowflakes’, ‘We won’, and ‘CNN is fake news’.

“The biggest one I saw was deport DREAMers but even that is kind of a backwards statement cause they are dreamers. They're obtaining their dreams. They are fighting for them. Nothing is going to stop them,” Fajardo explained.

Members of Terps For Trump said this was a spur of the moment protest to the university’s social justice day.

A select group of members saw the chalk protest as a way for conservative students to have their voices heard too.

Mat Morris, the organization’s president, said conservative students often feel like voicing their views is not tolerated.

“I think it's important for people to stand up for what they believe in -- whatever your opinion is,” Ally Johnson said.

Some students only saw the messages as hate speech and fired back with water and chalk of their own.

The school’s president was blasted on Twitter after referring to the so-called chalk war as a debate and for students to keep the conversation going

“I wouldn't say it's a conversation because that's not a conversation. That's just writing something on the ground and walking away,” Fajard said.

“There are people all around the world who don't have the opportunities to speak up for what they believe and that's one of the great things about our country is that you can -- freedom of speech. You can say what you want,” Johnson concluded.

The University chose not to provide an official comment.


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