A story about a Centreville High School teacher asking a student if she's legal or illegal has hundreds of people commenting about the incident.

Some people think it was perfectly fine what the teacher wrote. Other people think it was wrong.

The 10th grade English teacher wrote on the student's returned paper, "If I may ask, are you legal or illegal? It depends on that factor for deportation. I hope you get to stay!"

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The girl's mother, Kelly Varela, is livid.

"The fact that she ever asked if she is legal or illegal, that's against the regulations," she said. "That's against policy. You can't do that."

"I think it was in poor taste," said Meg Wennet, a student in that same teacher's class at Centreville who had the same assignment.

"She told us she wanted us to write our feelings about the election. And it wasn't being graded for content just completion and she said she wanted us to vent," said Wennet, who added that the teacher said using curse words was okay.

Here's part of what Varela's daughter wrote:

"Trump can kiss my ass. I am thankful for my life, the life I have, and my family, which Trump is trying to deport because we are Hispanic, or whatever."

The teacher's question asking if she is legal or not was in response to the girl's concerns about deportation. The girl posted the teacher's comments on her Snap Chap story. Friends told their parents who told her mother.

On WUSA9's Facebook page, Andrew Dallons wrote, "If that was my kid, I'd be at the teacher's house.

Others think it was just a bad choice of words and that she meant no harm.

That's what student Meg Wennet thinks. She said the woman is a good teacher. She does not think she should be suspended, Varela does.

"I don't think she meant any harm by it, but I think it was in poor taste. I don't think she meant to offend anyone or anything," said Wennet.

WUSA9 is not naming the teacher because FCPS has not named her, and WUSA9 is not naming the student because her mother asked us not to.

A spokesman for the FCPS released a statement that said the teacher's comments were inappropriate. FCPS policy does not permit asking students for proof of citizenship.

The student's mother said she had a meeting with the FCPS interim school superintendent Thursday afternoon to discuss the issue. If the teacher faced any discipline, FCPS is prevented from releasing that information because it's a personnel matter.