A Chipotle in Sterling re-opened Wednesday after more than a dozen people said they got sick after eating there.

The restaurant on Tripleseven Road shut down Tuesday for a top to bottom sanitation. Chipotle claimed the illness did not come from their food.

“You're kidding,” Conor Forest said. “And that was yesterday, you said?”

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We caught up with Forest just moments after he walked out of the fast-casual restaurant with a to-go bag in his hand.

He had no idea the Chipotle location was shut down on Tuesday after several complaints that people were getting sick.

“You would like to hope that sanitation in the kitchen is good and each staff member follows protocol,” Forest said.

This store closing for a few days brought to mind the past issues with E. coli discovered at Chipotle restaurants.

“It is something we've got to be careful of,” Forest said. “But you've got to trust that they're doing a good job. I know Chipotle has run into this problem before.”

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A Chipotle spokesperson said this time is different – saying the norovirus that made people sick doesn't come from their food supply.

The company insists its food is safe to eat.

“Be cautious, be careful, make sure that everybody is taking the right steps,” Forest said.