It's been eight months since Terrence Sterling was killed by a D.C. Police officer who remains on paid leave. Now advocates are calling for his firing since he violated police policy.

According to court documents, District prosecutors admit 27-year-old Officer Brian Trainer and his unnamed partner chased Terrence Sterling on his motorcycle September 9, 2016: a violation of police policy.

Police also confirmed the officer turned on his body camera after the shooting: a violation of police policy.

On Friday, Steven Douglass who has taken the lead in the Friends of Terrence Sterling Protests walked up to police headquarters to hand deliver a letter to Chief Newsham demanding Officer Trainer's firing.

He was kicked off the 5th floor, which he was told was a restricted floor, but handed the letter to the officer in charge.

"You never know where it's going from there but I did email it to him as well," said Douglass.

"How can you police the citizens of D.C. when you're not holding your own officers accountable?," he questioned outside the police station.

"We encourage everyone to come meet us at 3rd and M St. NW (the scene of the shooting) where we have been peacefully protesting every Monday. We will continue to fight until justice is awoken."

The officer has pled the 5th in a civil suit where the family is seeking $50 million. The case is back in court in July.


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