Someone covered speed limit signs in Prince George’s County with fliers and ads which blocked drivers from seeing how fast they should go.

It happened on one stretch of Central Avenue near Capitol Heights and started about two months ago.

“I was like oh wow I got a citation,” David Roberts said.

Roberts got two speeding camera tickets in March.

“One was going one way and one was going another way,” he said. “I was like wow. How did I miss the speed?”

The Maryland man likely missed the speed limit because the signs were plastered with tape and paper ads on Central Avenue near Cindy Lane.

“That's exactly what I'm saying,” Roberts said. “I didn't know any idea what the speed limit was.”

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The road is maintained by the Maryland State Highway Administration.

A spokesperson told WUSA9 it is against the law to for people to put anything along the road’s right of way.

However, it is a tough rule to enforce.

The SHA said it gets calls from across the state about signs being marked up with graffiti or littered with paper.

It can be dangerous and cause potentially deadly accidents.

The state said if you see something like this, report it.

Go to and click on the link that says ‘contact us.’

“Think before you act. I don't know what the purpose was covering up a sign. You covering up a sign can cause a problem beyond - beyond you realize,” Roberts said.

Roberts still ended up paying for part of his tickets.

The State Highway Administration said if you are ever caught in a similar situation, take your evidence of the problem straight to police and the courts to have it sorted out.

While the speed limits are visible now, it is unclear who covered the signs in the first place.