Some University of Maryland Students blame President Donald Trump for setting a tone that has led to incidents of racist fliers being posted on the campus.

“I feel they feel more emboldened because of the current president,” said Quani Turner-Moore, a sophomore from Baltimore.

President Trump has called for respect for all Americans, but Turner-Moore is among students who say campaign rhetoric calling immigrants “criminals” and “rapists” unleashed white supremacists.

University police say they are reviewing video evidence in an attempt to identify who posted at least five fliers advocating white supremacy that were discovered early this week on the campus at College Park.

It’s the second incident at the University since December. Similar fliers appeared at George Washington University Monday.

University of Maryland President Wallace Loh has condemned the fliers. In a tweet, Loh called them “hateful”.

The fliers are linked to American Vanguard, a group that calls for Americans to “recapture the glory an Aryan nation deserves.”

“I would say that definitely intimidates people,” said freshman Zach Tripodi.

Whether or not posting the fliers rises to the level of a hate crime, they do appear to violate university policy on student conduct and could result in sanctions for students involved.


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