Questions surround the future of a multimillion-dollar development in Southeast DC several years after city officials broke ground on the project.

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Development of the Skyland site has been discussed since the 1980s. However, in 2014, the land was turned at the site to begin work on a $205 million development that would include close to 500 apartments and multiple retail stores.

Former DC Mayor Vince Gray declared the groundbreaking of the project "a great day" for the city in 2014.

Now, more than three years later, no buildings have been built on the site.

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WUSA9 contacted one of the project's developers, WC Smith, about the status of the Skyland Town Center plan.

A spokeswoman said the project ran into problems last year when proposed tenant, Walmart, decided to back out of the idea. She said Walmart's decision ultimately impacted the plan's financing, causing a delay.

In September, the DC Zoning Commission granted the developers a 1-year extension to start construction on the project. That time will give developers more time to secure funding.

WC Smith added that construction work is expected to begin within a year's time. However, no exact date has been determined.