What was once a missing person’s report for a 15-month-old Silver Spring baby is now being called a ‘domestic violation’, Montgomery County Police said.

Officers had reason to believe the child, Janel Aaliyah Mercado, could have been in danger night when she was reported missing Tuesday evening.

Her grandmother had called police and said she could not find the baby. Additionally, officers said they could not get in contact with the father at home or on the phone.

The child’s dad – Terrance Faison – posted on WUSA9’s live Facebook feed on Tuesday that his daughter was found and was never in danger.

FOUND: 15-month-old last seen with dad in SE D.C.

“I know that there's a lot of people out there who probably have this image of me as a bad father or that I placed my daughter in danger or at risk,” Faison said.

Officers said they took the case very seriously because they never know how situations like this will turn out. They said it was cautionary and were doing their due diligence.

“I didn't disappear. I just didn't give the whereabouts of my daughter to someone who threatened to take our daughter away,” Faison said.

In 2016, Montgomery County Police received 990 reports of missing juveniles, though not all of them were reported. Police decide what information they disseminate to the public.