SILVER SPRING, Md. (WUSA9) -- Dozens of newlyweds in the D.C. area allegedly spent thousands of dollars on wedding videos that they never get to watch.

Blue Sky Films was once a highly sought after wedding production company. Now, it is out of business and being sued by Maryland’s attorney general.

Michael Regina and his wife paid Blue Sky Films close to $5,000 to shoot and edit their wedding day footage. It has been almost a year — still no video.

“We really believed that we were going to get something that we could cherish and watch year after year and show our children and our grandchildren,” Michael Regina said.

He has not heard from the company since his wedding day in June of 2015, despite having reached out to it multiple times.

Roughly 35 other newlyweds, including Regina, filed a complaint with Montgomery County’s Office of Consumer Protection.

“What I want,” Regina said, “is what we were promised, which is an edited video.” He would also settle for the raw footage at this point, he added.

The couple can scan through professional photos from their special day. But the only video that they can watch was caught on a cell phone.

“It’s just really disappointing,” Regina said.

“I feel like I left my wife down. I feel like I left my family down, because they all want to see the video. And we spent a lot of money and we got nothing,” he added.

The company was located in the 5800 block of Fenton Street in Silver Spring before it went out of business. WUSA9 was not able to reach its former owner.

These couples paid as much as $14,000 for Blue Sky Films’ services and have been waiting for their videos for more than two years. Montgomery County’s Office of Consumer Protection was able to obtain raw footage from some couples’ weddings, but not Regina’s

The case begins on July 21.