Bee Bee Clown said she is sad clowns are getting a bad reputation after creepy clown incidents all throughout the county.

"It's incredibly disappointing because you take something that is meant to be positive and fun and healthy for kids and you turn it into a threat and something scary," said Bee Bee, who lives and works out of Silver Spring, Maryland.

Bee Bee Clown said she is trying to make a living while juggling the negative publicity has been tough.

"This is a business," she said. "I do survive off of this business and it has slowed down a lot."

Nationwide, there have been reports of clowns luring kids into the woods and posts on social media with clown images, threatening violence at schools.

Two students were arrested in Prince Georges County in connection with those threats and Virginia Schools beefed up security.

Bee Bee said she may be forced to change her career and become an IT consultant. She is afraid people won't want to hire clowns anymore.

"If I can't depend on it full time, I am going to make other choices," Bee Bee said.

However, she doesn't want to do that. This is her heart and her passion.

She hopes that at the end of the day people remember that most clowns just want to make people happy.

"I love creating a positive, healing environment for kids and adults," she said.