WASHINGTON, DC. - A shooting over the weekend left neighbors in one Petworth neighborhood frustrated and afraid after bullets hits four homes and some vehicles.

“They can't stay out here and play with their toys without somebody coming out here shooting; It doesn't make sense,” said Alton Cook, who keeps a front yard full of toys for area kids and his grandchildren.

Cook has lived in the 800 block of Crittenden Street for 50 years and tells us he's used to hearing gunshots in the area, but has never had a bullet fly hit home until Sunday.

Cook was in the basement when a shooting happened just after midnight. His daughter and her friends were upstairs playing cards when a bullet came through the front window. He said he heard screaming, then came up to see what happened. He said everyone dropped to the floor. He went outside to see what was going on.

By then, it was all over. When he looked around the house, Cook found another bullet hole in his three-year-old grandson’s bedroom window.

“They don't care, “ said Cook, who is frustrated about the gun violence and the people who are doing it.

“They don't shoot at one person, they shoot through the area.”

DC police responded to the area for reported gunshots just after midnight Sunday. According to a police report, 17 shots rang out. It’s still not clear what led up to the shooting that left cars and vehicles damaged, but no one injured. Cook and other neighbors close by tell WUSA9 a stronger police presence is needed in the area.

“We used to have police on foot; they used to walk the areas,” Cook said. “We don't have them no more.”

DC police interviewed all four homeowners. There were no witnesses.