John Rowley is looking for the second year George Washington University Law student who helped fight off his attackers.

Rowley said the attack happened Friday evening on the Gallery Place Metro platform.

"It was unprovoked, they didn't say anything to me," he explained.

Rowley suffered facial swelling and bruising and a broken hand but said it could have been worse had it not been for the Good Samaritan.

"I'd like to find him and thank him, I know he got hurt himself taking some blows meant for me," he said.

The man, in his 20's, stayed on the scene. A Metro spokesperson said an officer at the station followed the teens on the train and made an arrest a couple of stops later at Union Station, but Rowley thinks Metro should do more and have officers on the platform, "or they are going to lose customers like me who are not going to ride the subway anymore," he said.

Metro calls the attack disturbing but said the station officer and their closed circuit, real time cameras helped catch the culprits right away.


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