ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA9) -- The woman accused of murdering her roommate in a Rockville condominium has a history of mental health issues, which she talked about in a YouTube video posted six months ago.

Rita Narcissa Sanders-Campfield, 53, faces first-degree murder for the stabbing death of 67-year-old Chong Park.

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In a YouTube video posted in June by Housing Unlimited, which serves people with psychiatric disabilities, Sanders-Campfield describes her mental health history. She appears happy as she talks about living with Park, her family and her education.

"I live in a lovely, beautiful home in north Bethesda with my roommate Chong Park. Our two bedroom condo is perfect for both of us," Sanders-Campfield says.

Sanders-Campfield, a mother of two grown children, says she received her undergraduate degree from Duke University, and a doctorate from American University.

Sanders-Campfield also took several classes at Trinity University in Washington, but did not complete her degree, Vice President of Media Relations Ann Pauley told WUSA9.

Sanders-Campfield worked at a boys reformatory as a teacher, according to the video.

"I love being a teacher and making the material real for my students."

After her husband's death in 1991, Sanders-Campfield says she was in a bad place.

"I didn't think I could continue to live in the same home without him."

Sanders-Campfield moved in with her mother, but her depression deepened and she was hospitalized for more than a year.

"It took a lot of work to get myself to a better place."

When she was released from the hospital, Sanders-Campfield said she knew she needed to move out of her mother's home because "it was like two queen bees in the same hive."

Sanders-Campfield entered a supervised housing program called Cornerstone. She says it was better, but she wanted to be on her own.

In a couple of months, Sanders-Campfield got off the Housing Unlimited waiting list and moved to her condo in Rockville with Park, the victim.

Sanders-Campfield ends the video talking about her desire to go back to work and become a role model and teacher.

"I'm excited about the possibilities that are out there."

Housing Unlimited CEO Abe Schuchman released the following statement:

We are deeply saddened by the death of our tenant Chong Park. Our hearts and prayers go out to the Park family at this time.

Housing Unlimited has served hundreds of individuals over the years. The death of Ms. Park is the only incident of this nature in our 20 years of operation. Again, our hearts and prayers are with the Park family.

Ms. Park had been our tenant since July of 2006. During these eight and a half years, she was a model tenant—caring, conscientious, warm, friendly, and well-liked by all.

As law enforcement is handling this ongoing investigation of Ms. Park's death, I am not able to comment further on the situation.