A lot of help from the DMV is heading for Hurricane Matthew’s projected path as elite disaster squads go into the storm.

Virginia Task Force One was just mobilized by FEMA. Crews loaded up for Lakeland, Florida, ready for rescues caused by heavy wind and high water.

“We’re the Swiss Army Knife. We have to be able to do anything, at any time, and any place,” said Chief Richard Bowers of Fairfax County Fire.

The sentiment was echoed by Maryland Task Force One. Crews geared in Rockville Thursday afternoon. They will be standing by in Marietta, Georgia, just outside Atlanta.

“Once you’re tasked and there’s people to go rescue, you want to work and you’re going to work pretty much nonstop,” said Battalion Chief Monty Fitch with Montgomery County Fire and EMS.

Some displaced by the storm are already getting new homes in our area. Nearly 60 dogs landed at a shelter in Gaithersburg. The strategy was to open up space at a South Carolina shelter in Matthew’s sights.

“The end game for the animals here is that they find a forever home,” said Sara Varsa of the Humane Society of the United States.

Local power crews also mobilized. Outages are expected to be widespread. Pepco crews are launching for Florida and Georgia early Friday morning.