A Rockville neighborhood is fighting to keep its quiet streets quiet.

The battle has been heating up all summer, but it’s about to come to a head.

The Happy Nest Childcare Center currently has ten kids in its care and it wants to expand to 30 kids.

Its owner, Angela Pryor, says it’s a service to the neighborhood.

“I’m not trying to upset the neighborhood," she said. "Regardless I’m still going to be here.”

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But neighbors say a plan to expand the daycare area will make too much noise and pose a safety threat to area seniors.

Kathleen Mason says she and other neighbors work together to help make sure her elderly neighbors, some of which have lived there since the sixties, can stay in their homes.

“We’re trying hard to keep seniors here, and we feel like this will probably chase some seniors out," said Mason.

Throughout the neighborhood, people have posted lawn signs. Hundreds have signed a petition and written into the county.

“Yeah I think most people in this neighborhood are very angry and very much against it. It’s not really fair to the neighborhood to have to cope with that," said Mason.

Montgomery County held a meeting last week, which had to be continued to give everyone a chance to speak. Another meeting will be held next month, and it will decide whether to allow the expansion within thirty days.