Cars filing into the lot. Some stuck in no-man's-land. Others pointed in every direction, moving in any direction with traffic outside the lot at a standstill.

And this is a good day at the Reagan Airport waiting lot for For Hire drivers like Uber and Lyft.

The airport authority moved the drivers to a temporary lot, which is about a mile drive from the airport, while a new lot on airport grounds is built.

That's still at least a few weeks away. In the meanwhile, Uber and Lyft drivers will have to wait on their next fare from this busy lot.

One Uber driver said the worst days are the busy travel days, which is basically Thursdays through the weekend.

With the help of Arlington County Police, the airport authority has made some adjustments to help ease the madness, including regular police monitoring of the lot. They created an overflow lot across the street and added another exit to reduce congestion in the lot and keep cars from causing more traffic outside the lot.

Fortunately, for these drivers, this is just temporary.