A war of words has now escalated in the middle of a small Shaw alleyway, with a high-end restaurant telling a complaining neighbor, he needs something, or someone, to better occupy his time.

“You need a boyfriend!” reads a banner unfurled behind Corduroy on 9th Street, N.W.

The banner in bold capital letters faces a 12-story apartment building, where a man filed a health department complaint last month. The issue? According to an account provided to Washingtonian, overflowing trash bins, and foul water that washed out from the kitchen.

Inspectors found no major issues. But the restaurant owner needed the man to read his own response.

“We have been harassed for a long time,” restaurateur Tom Power said via text message Friday. “Trying to defuse the situation with humor, but I guess they don’t have any.”

Power declined to comment further, saying that he preferred to tamp this fire out, not stir it up.