Last week, D.C. lost an iconic street artist.

Danny Hogg, 47, died from complications due to diabetes. He was best known for his tag, Cool “Disco” Dan.

His graffiti lined brick walls and painted the landscape of Washington during the city’s most turbulent times: the 1980’s crack epidemic.

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Like his adopted hometown, Cool “Disco” Dan rose to triumph over his adversity and is credited for helping to create the culture that is D.C.

His tag was seen from the 1980’s until recently. D.C. residents screened the 2014 documentary, “The legend of Cool Disco Dan”, at the Anacostia Community Museum Friday, August 4th.

Another tribute is scheduled at the 930 Club on August 19th from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Organizers hope to raise money for a monument for the D.C. street artist. To learn more about the legendary Cool Disco Dan and the efforts to memorialize him, click here.