LEESBURG, Va. (WUSA9) --The man who wears number 92 for the Washington Redskins is a 300-pound wall with tree stumps for legs. In fact, Chris Baker has an alter ego for himself.

"Oh yeah, they call me quadtackula," says Baker laughing along with reporters.

It is no surprise then that quadtackula, also known as Chris Baker, can seemingly leg press a small car.

"We always do our leg workouts and when we do it's like 1,000 squats," he says.

Recently, Baker gave WUSA9 a glimpse into another way he prepares for a season, and you might not believe it. The serene early morning hours at the Lansdowne Resort are about to get rudely interrupted.

Baker's trainer Carl McKinnon bellows out the instructions: "One, two, three."

Baker is preparing his body for the rigors of an NFL season, and while it might look like animals splashing water to defend territory, he is actually going through intense resistance training.

"He's hitting every muscle in his body without stressing his elbows, or wrists, or knees," says McKinnon.

After all, Baker will get plenty of high impact stress once the season begins. "When we're out there on the field we're bench pressing 330 pound people, you know, 30, 40, or 50 times a game," says Baker.

During this swimming pool session, McKinnon takes his class through numerous exercises with small plastic weights.

"They're a miserable two pounds," says McKinnon, laughing.

Miserable, because by the time you pull them through water for hundreds and hundreds of reps, your limbs feel like they're about to fall off.

"My first time, oh God, it was a monster," says Baker. "It was hard to get out of the bed."

But the man who goes by quadtackula swears by it because the weights and the water have slimmed him down and chiseled him up.

"I've been doing this the last few years and my career has been on the uprise," says Baker.

And by the looks of it, quadtackula is ready to make another splash in 2014.