The United State's missile strikes on a Syrian military base raises many questions for Americans. 

Nancy Jennings wants to know if the missiles hit any innocent people. 

"It doesn't do any good for anyone to bomb more innocent citizens," said Jennings.

Andrew Yeo, Associate Professor of Politics at Catholic University, says there is no evidence civilians were injured.

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Many are worried it  it will drag the U.S. into a prolonged war.  

"Going to war with a country that is absolutely no threat to us whatsoever. It's like we are invaders," said Robert Bowman in Leesburg. 

U.S. officials said the attacks on the Shayrat air base were in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack against launched from that base against dozens of innocent men, women and children.

Bowman said he's not sure if he believes Syria is behind the chemical attack. 

"I'd like to see the evidence. We were also told Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.  Also a week ago, we wiped out a great number of civilians in missed bombing in an adjoining country."

Yeo says three victims have undergone autopsies in Turkey which has pinpointed evidence of a chemical attack.

Determining without a doubt Syria is to blame for the  chemical attack will take investigators on the ground, but U.S. officials say it's most likely.

"I really don't know if the armed attack like we did it the answer, said Carol Wharton of New Hampshire who is with her husband Don is visiting their daughter in Leesburg.

Jennings says she's wondering whether we're already at war.   

Congress does have to authorize "war," but there is concern for "mission creep," says Yeo, meaning that military actions could continue without any congressional vote. 

"We're going to have to find out whether we're going to take some steps to push ISIS out or now," said Don Wharton.  

The U.S. focus in Syria had been on attacking ISIS, but now with this strike against Syria's government, it makes the situation "murky," according to Yeo.

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And what about innocent people in Syria? 

"These people are being literally bombed out of their homes, their cities, their families, their village, whatever. And we need to help them. That's what the United States has always been known for. And we need to continue doing that," said Jennings, who wants to know if the U.S. is going to accept more refugees.  

The U.S. took in at least 10,000 refugees prior to President Donald Trump's ban on Syrian Refugees.  

-Will other countries join us in attacking Syria?
-What is the evidence the Syrian government is behind the gas attack?
-What is the US doing to kick ISIS out of Syria and how powerful does ISIS  remain in Syria?
-How many Syrian refugees has the US taken and how many more will we take in?