Have you been to the Exxon at 13000 Worth Avenue in Woodbridge between July 2nd and 7th? Police say if so, check your bank accounts!

It’s the latest gas station to be hit by thieves. They installed a skimmer, but not the ones we’re used to.

“Criminals right now are getting very sneaky with what they’re doing and they’re investing a lot of time and attention to taking other people’s money instead of getting decent jobs themselves,” said Sgt. Jonathan Perok. He’s the Prince William County Spokesperson.

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Last Friday, the department tweeted a warning after thieves struck with an “inside job.” Investigators found a different type of skimming device (they’re described online as a Bluetooth) inside the Exxon gas pump.

Check security seal stickers at the gas pump 

Gas stations across the country are discovering the same. A CBS North Carolina Station, WCNC, was able to have a station manager show them what the skimmer looks like once installed inside.

Fairfax County reportedly removed 21 skimmers from 15 different locations last year. They say the sophisticated Bluetooth skimmers are even harder to detect.

“Completely different from what we’ve seen,” said Perok.

"We always strongly recommend [you] don’t use a Debit an ATM car when you’re making purchases like this. It’s always best to use a credit card. Usually credit card transactions are a little easier to refute with the companies," said Sgt. Perok.

No one’s claimed they got hacked at the Woodbridge station yet, according to Perok. As for the pumps, you should still check for a superficial scanner (a skimmer). Police also say to check the security seal. Make sure it’s not cut or scratched. Report it, if it’s tampered with.

On some of them you’ll know right away. They show the word “void” across the sticker if it’s been removed and placed back on.

Because of this incident, the manager at the Woodbridge Exxon said they’re now checking the pumps and seals every morning.