In just a few days, a video of a Virginia student being bullied, has gone viral.

Darlene Taylor posted a video that originally surfaced on Snapchat, to her Facebook page. It shows a short clip of a girl throwing a pencil into another girl's hair, like a dart. The girl on the video can be seen laughing, along with another student.

Taylor says the girl who had the pencil thrown in her hair is her daughter. She and her husband were upset when they first saw the video.

"Seeing our daughter in this video basically being made fun of, we were absolutely furious about it," said Bradley Taylor, the bullying victim's father.

The incident happened at Brentsville High in Prince William County. Taylor says African-American women have a hard enough time with their hair already, and this didn't help her daughter's self-esteem.

"Our hair is beautiful and we should be able to wear it the way we want to wear it without trying to style it just to make other people comfortable. It's not funny, our hair isn't funny, it's beautiful and we should be proud," said Taylor.

The Taylor's say they reached out to the school, and were told the situation was mediated by moving the students' seats in the classroom. That wasn't a good enough answer, so Taylor decided to post the video on her Facebook page.

School officials tell us this type of behavior isn't condoned in any way, but they aren't able to disclose if any disciplinary action was taken with the students involved. The Taylors say they are not happy with the response from the school and have already taken up the issue with the Prince William County School Board.