Loudoun County public schools block off 15 days per year for snow days. This year, just two have been used because of the warm winter weather. Wednesday will be have a delayed start.

Now an online petition is collecting names- to get the school district to tack on some extra days to Spring break to make up the difference.

So far, the petition on change.org has nearly 8,000 names.

Public Information Officer Wade Bayard says it doesn’t matter how many people sign on “There’s no magic number” he said.

As for those who have signed the petition, he said: “We want to spend extra time with you. That’s the first thing. The second thing is, you really don’t have a chance and pulling this off. The school district has said they will go with their fixed calendar- to not do so after adhering to this since 1990 would cause a disruption and future chaos.”

Kimberley Bielecki, a Loudoun County kindergarten teacher and parent said she agrees with the district.

“I really feel like two weeks, at a time when you’re pressing forward to the end of the year, is detrimental- especially with the younger kids- all of that information," she said.

Her daughter, fourth-grade student Sarah Bielecki, said she’d be open to some extra days off at some point in the school year.

“It would be good to see family and have some extra time off- because your brain works so hard," she said.

Loudoun County father Conte Bolden said it wouldn’t be practical for a lot of parents.

“I think it’s going to be a bigger inconvenience. I think what am I going to do with my kids- I’m a father and I have to work, and their mom has to work.”

For now, Spring Break in the Loudoun County School District is scheduled for April 10-14.