It's a small white box no bigger than a fruit stand on New Hampshire Avenue in Silver Spring, Md. The Prayer Stop is prayer on a pit stop.

Take one step inside and the room fills with Christian music. The prayer stop was built 17 years ago by a man named Dennis. A self-described alcoholic and cheater, he had lost everything. With tears running down his face, he prayed the Our Father. He says he never drank again and turned a fruit stand into the Prayer Stop.

Today, Dennis says more than 8,000 have visited the Prayer Stop. People from all over the country pray and leave messages of hope in the guest book.

"As a believer, God will find you anywhere. It's great God found him 17 years ago to put it here and help other people," said Jesse Esdres, who prays at the Prayer Stop.

Dennis claims miracles have happened at the Prayer Stop and religious or not, folks we spoke to on Wednesday said this world right now could use a little more prayer.


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