It's hard to stand near the spot where tragedy struck seven days ago.

"It's been emotional. I've cried. I've cried," Davina Jackson said.

Jackson has been going back to 4th street nearly every day.

"It gives me peace so I can get over it," she said.

Her son was caught in the crowd and had to jump out of the way when a car came barreling down the street and killed Heather Heyer.

"When I heard the crash and I came to the scene," Jack son said. "All I could think about was oh my got he is out there"

So many other people share similar stories about how last weeks' violence affected them

"I think coming here like really seeing everything. It's really overwhelming," a University of Virginia student said.

Counselors were on standby to help people talk through their feelings, and therapy dogs were there for healing.

It was clear -- people are coping in their own ways.

It is important to notice the signs to avoid serious and potentially dangerous outcomes -- like PTSD.

"People start to avoid and withdraw. They stay to themselves. They don't react to socializing or sharing with family," Benjamin Keyes said