With the Nov. 8 election fast-approaching, most are planning to head to the polls on the big day. But more people in Northern Virginia are turning to absentee voting instead. Not counting Saturday's numbers, there have been 220,000 absentee votes cast statewide, including 120,000 in-person.

According to data from the Fairfax Office of Elections, nearly one-tenth of the county's population has already voted through an absentee ballot. Heading into Saturday morning, 62,116 people have done so, through either in-person or mail-in voting.

In Alexandria, there has been a similar jump in absentee voting. In-person voting has increased by 25 percent, and by-mail applications have increased by 60 percent, according to officials from the Alexandria Office of Elections. The Alexandria office said they were expecting approximately 1,500 people to come and vote at their two locations on Saturday.

Anthony Garcia has been handing out political flyers at the Alexandria Library, one of the voting centers, and said he has seen the high turnout.

"I was kind of surprised," he said. "That there was a line already at 10 a.m. I'd say it was probably about 50 people deep."

Clinton is currently leading in Virginia by about 8 percent, according to an average of three recent polls. The question is whether this lead may shrink in the aftermath of an announcement from FBI Director James Comey, in which he told members of Congress that more emails have been found that may be "pertinent to the investigation."

Clinton supporter Kaitlyn Suber said she worries this announcement may sway some voters.

"It's another time when people can think 'oh, she wasn't straight forward,'" she said. "'She didn't tell us about this.' But it all kind of depends. It's all about the details I think."