WUSA9's Meteorologist Topper Shutt predicts the bullseye for our area is western Loudoun County, from Leesburg to the west.

But, as Northern Virginia Bureau Chief Peggy Fox reports, people in western Loudoun are not panicking.

They're use to big snow falls. And some, like Lance Adams, are looking forward to it.

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"Absolutely, I'm happy. Bring on the snow. Because we haven't hadn't this year. I haven't ridden my snowmobile in about two years, so we're ready," said Adams.

To help get them ready for whatever Mother Nature dishes out, Nichols Hardware in Purcellville sells just about anything.

"We're supposed to have a snow day tomorrow," said a man eying the several models of sleds.

It's exciting to get some snow, definitely. Everybody will be outside playing and having fun," said Catherine Morrison as her two daughters, ages 5 and 3, tried out saucer and sled.

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Nichols also had a variety of shovels, as of 1 p.m. Monday, but they were going fast.

So we're ice scrapers. One man bought a handful for the town of Purcellville, almost depleting the store's supply.

Another man said purchased a few brooms, "for Spring cleaning. We haven't forgotten about Spring," he said.

People have been coming to Nichols Hardware, in this spot right off Main Street for more than 102 years. The store also has workers trained to re-screen and re-glass windows, as well as skilled repairmen on staff.

Nichols was founded by Edward Nichols in 1914. His son Ken Nichols, 86, owns and manages the large store. It use to cater to dairy farmers, but with only one dairy farm left in Loudoun, keeping the doors open hasn't been easy.

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"We celebrated 100 years a couple years ago. It opened in 1914, and I'd like to keep it going if I could. But it's more difficult all the time," said Ken Nichols.

Hoisting himself up to his office loft, Ken Nichols still manages the store and comes to work every day for several hours. He'll be 87 next week, just in time for Spring.

Nichols says he plans to keep the store open tomorrow, as long as his workers can make it through the snow.