The massive construction site for Dominion's Liquefied Natural Gas project was already controversial with the community and now there was a disturbing discovery of four nooses hung up for all to see.

Two were found in April and two more were found in November. The construction company and the sheriff's department believe it's an inside job.

"It's pretty scary," said one resident.

"It's kind of established pattern of harassment don't you think," asked another.

"The way the world is going today there's nothing unexpected," added another man.

"I think it's terrible that after all this time that hatred is coming to surface and I don't think it's going to get any better," said Caroline Bryant.

Bryant is a life long Calvert County resident and feels race relations have taken an ugly turn recently.

"Since the election was so divisive people feel like now I don't have to hide my feelings," she explained. "If it's not being said directly to you, you feel it and that's scary because you don't know where it's coming from."

Dominion denounces the behavior and the Keiwit company calls it unacceptable.

They're even working with a former FBI agent to find out who's behind the nooses. The sheriff's office said right now it's not a crime because there is no victim. No employees have come forward who take the noose as a threat.

"People might be afraid to come forward because they're afraid for their jobs," said one man."It's a realism in today's world."

The North Americas Building Trades Unions is offering a $100,000 reward for viable information.