Mayor Muriel Bowser unveiled an aggressive new plan on Thursday to end the AIDS epidemic in the District by the year 2020.

The first part of the plan is work towards getting 90% of the people who live in D.C. to know their HIV status.

At a news conference, the mayor, public and private organizations unveiled their plan. MAC Cosmetics' AIDS Fund is donating $1 million to the cause.

Goal two is to get 90% of D.C. residents with HIV in treatment.

Mayor Bowser said striking ads are speaking to African American women for a reason.

"Our second fastest population of new AIDS cases is in the heterosexual African American female," she said.

Bowser also touted the District's successes.

"In 2015, we had no babies born with HIV in Washington ,D.C. and 8 straight years of decreases in new cases," said Bowser.

The third goal aims to see 90% of people with HIV in D.C. treated so they're highly unlikely to transmit it, and the last aims to see 50% fewer new cases.

Darryl Green is a retired firefighter in D.C. and weighed in.

"If it's possible I'd love to see it happen. I've had a few people that I know that I watched decline from being exposed, and it's a painful sight," said Green.

Click here to visit D.C.'s free testing sites.