There's a new gathering space in D.C. that focuses on creating an inclusive space for minorities to become involved in both entrepreneurship and the tech world.

The new center is called the Inclusive Innovation Incubator. It is located off Georgia Avenue right next to the Howard University campus.

Aaron Saunders, CEO of Clearly Innovative Inc. Luma Lab, is behind the incubator. He told WUSA9 it grew out of a public private partnership between the Mayor's Office, Howard University and his company.

Its focus is to provide more avenues for minorities to learn about entrepreneurship, business strategy and technology. Participants can sign up to take part in multiple workshops and boot camps to learn more about subjects they are interested in. The incubator also rents out office space for collaborative efforts.

Saunders said there is programming at the incubator targeted at both adults and children.

"There's some kid sitting out there who's the next great entrepreneur, technologist or whatever and just doesn't know it yet," he said.

Saunders said you don't have to be a Howard student to take part in activities at the incubator. He also said some of the introductory workshops are free to interested participants.

You can learn more about how to get involved in the incubator here.