A person is going out of their way to criticize drivers' parking habits in a Northwest, D.C. neighborhood.

The mystery critic appears to conduct much of their work around the intersection of 35th and Albemarle streets. The person has been placing stickers on drivers' cars that say anything from "WTF Award: Parking Disaster" to "YouParkLikeAn*sshole.com."

Residents told WUSA9 the person typically places the stickers on the front windows of cars. The stickers are also usually eye-level on the driver's side.

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D.C. resident Susan Lowell said someone tagged her Car2Go with two stickers last week after its rear-end found itself hanging about a foot into a no-parking zone.

"It's not kind, it's not nice," Lowell said. "It's not the way to go about something if what you really want to do is go about getting that person to change what their doing."

Some people say the parking critiques have been handed out for close to five months. ANC 3F Chairman Malachy Nugent said several people in the neighborhood have even contacted police in the neighborhood to put it all to an end.

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"It's vigilante vandalism and it needs to stop," Nugent said.

He said the proper response to correct bad parking that may block a driveway would be to call DC Parking Enforcement or DC Police. However, at this point, Nugent added some residents have even considered installing dash cameras in their cars to catch the person responsible for this activity.

WUSA9 contacted DC Police to see whether the placement of such parking stickers classify as a crime. DC Police has yet to respond. However, DC Code appears to suggest such behavior would fall under the "Defacing of public or private property".

According to city code, any person caught violating that law can be fined at least $250.