News of more and more black women toting guns blew up online Wednesday.

One person commented on Facebook saying, “Why do researchers need to study what race they are? Why can't it be just females see having a gun essentially?”

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The researchers look at it all, and when they see trends, they want to understand them.

In this case, the study found that the number of African-American women owning guns went up.

That is significant because historically many black households were uncomfortable with the idea of having guns in the home.

Michael Lewis wrote that “All legal people should carry guns. I don’t care if they’re black or white – but I believe women especially should have guns on them.”

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A map from a couple of years ago released by the National Shooting Sports Foundation shows half of female gun owners live down south while we have the lowest percentage of women with guns in the northeast.

Despite the recent growing number of women with guns, nearly half of those surveyed said they'd owned their weapons for more than ten years.