Students on two college campuses in Maryland rallied today, more than a week after the presidential election. One rally denounced president-elect Donald Trump while the other stopped short of that.

At University of Maryland, hundreds of students chanted "Black Lives Matter" and "this is what democracy looks like" among other phrases.

Student Casey Gawron and others wanted to make it clear, "This is not an anti-Trump rally, it is not a pro-Clinton rally, this is for us to voice our opinions and make sure students feel safe on campus."

"We see that tens of millions of people are fearing for their lives with the outcome of the previous election. There's so many people coming out showing so much hate. This is our protest to show that we love everybody and hatred is not going to be tolerated on this campus," said student Darius Craig.

These students say they're standing up for marginalized groups of people who don't feel safe from hate speech or hate crimes.

At Montgomery College, some students chanted "build bridges, no walls." Some denounced President Elect Trump. Many want to tell him to leave immigrants alone.

"We know he's our president, we're not supporting him with everything he says, the hatred and racism," said Jessica Hernandez.

At the University of Maryland campus, students say they will be releasing a list of demands and presenting it to the University on Tuesday, November 22nd. They say the goal is to make sure the University is a sanctuary and everyone feels safe from hate speech and hate crimes

The University released the following statement:

"The University of Maryland supports the rights of students and the campus community to assemble and advocate. We stand with students on the stated goal of protecting all members of our community, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to unity, inclusion, safety and respect for the dignity of all persons."