A young Prince George's County mother pleaded guilty to killing her two young children as they slept in their beds in their Cheverly home.

Sonya Spoon had been hospitalized the week before and suffocated her children less than two days after she was released.

On the chilling 911 call made on Sept. 7, 2014, Spoon's mother pleads for emergency crews as the two women perform CPR on the children, "...and we have two unresponsive children here...someone tried to suffocate them."

One-year-old Ayden Spoon and three-year old Kayla Thompson both died that day.

"She was happy and she was joyful. She loved to dance around. And she loved to play catch with her daddy," said Lester Thompson, Kayla's father.

Lester Thompson says he did not know that Sonya Spoon, the mother of his daughter Kayla had been admitted to a mental hospital in September of 2014 because she had threatened to kill her daughter and herself. Less than 48 hours after she returned home, she killed her children.

"That could've been avoided in so many different ways, it's pitiful. But nobody avoided it. Nobody helped. Nobody reached out to anybody. They just let her out two days later to kill my daughter and her brother," said a grief-stricken Thompson as he stood outside the Prince George's County Courthouse in the bitter cold.

On Wednesday, March 15, prosecutors said that Sonya Spoon, 26, admitted that she duct-taped plastic bags over her children's heads while they slept in their beds. Then she taped a bag on her own head and woke up her mother who took the bag off Spoon's head then found the children.

"I honestly never envisioned anything like that could happen. I never seen any warning signs. I never knew about her being brought in for any psychiatric treatment or anything. I was never notified," said Thompson.

Prince George's County States Attorney Angela Alsobrooks is pushing for a law to require the notification of child protective services and other officials when a child is threatened.

"What the law says now is that if you actually harm the child, that must be reported. But if you threaten to kill or harm a child, there is no legal requirement that that be reported to the Department of Social Services or to our office, to the States's Attorney's Office. We feel this is a gaping loophole that has to be closed," said Alsobrooks.

It's the third year in a row Alsobrooks has pushed for the law. Says says in the past year alone, six children have died from domestic violence in Prince George's County.

Sonya Spoon pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree murder. She will be sentenced June 7th and faces between 35 up to 45 years. With parolee, Alsobrooks says Spoon will serve at least half of her sentence behind bars.