Metro's plans to cut late-night service continues to cause concern for riders.

Metro wants trains to stop after midnight, permanently.

Late night workers would be impacted. Those going to bars would also be impacted.

Now we're hearing from one woman who says it would hurt her the most.

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Beryl Neurman’s powered wheelchair won’t fit in an Uber. Metro’s plans to slash late nights comes with a lot of worry.

"It restricts my life," said Neurman. "When you’re a disabled person there are a lot of societal barriers. So that’s just one more.”

Metro’s General Manager said crews need more time for fixes. Trains already stop at midnight during this rail safety makeover.

On Thursday, Neurman spoke out against cuts.

She said she needs Metro to get home from her synagogue. Sometimes weekend services go late.

“I don’t really know how to quantify it. I know Metro has to be safe," said Neurman. “I would really like to have one extra hour of service on one weekend night.”

Four plans are on the table. The decision is up to Metro’s board.

Metro is not done taking comment on the issue. Riders can still write WMATA online.

The decision is due by the end of the year.

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