The U.S. Park Police officers involved in the fatal shooting of Bijan Ghaisar, 25, are on administrative leave and have been since November 17.

That's when Park Police say Ghaisar collided with another car at Slater's Lanes on the George Washington Parkway.

The officers pursued Ghaisar until he crashed his black Jeep down an embankment in the Fort Hunt area. Then the officers opened fire.

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The FBI is investigating, but will not provide the names of the officers involved, nor any other information about the incident.

"I just hurts. It just really hurts," said Sam Yeganh, a cousin of Bijan Ghaisar who was from McLean.

He says it doesn't make sense that this happened to Bijan, a mild-mannered accountant who worked in his father's firm and was very close with his family.

"Bijan was always positive, he'd always make us laugh. Even the most random moments, he would just make us smile. It sucks. It honestly sucks," said Yeganh.

The family said Bijan hated guns and was always respectful of law-enforcement.

"I still don't get it. He was such a simple person," said Yeganh.

Family attorney Charles Helein said the only reason Ghaisar would've fled would be because he was fearful of something. His cousin agrees.

"I don't know if he was super scared or what it was wasn't there but I know he would cause no harm any sort. He doesn't talk back to people, he's got great manners," said Yeganh.

He was never aggressive.

The cousins are both first-generation American-born citizens of Iranian heritage.

The National Iranian American Council posted this statement about the shooting:

"Based on reporting, it appears that Ghaisar was unarmed and in his car when he was shot three times in the head, which strongly suggests that the police’s shooting was not justified or proportionate. We hope that the FBI, which has taken over the investigation of the incident, will provide a full and fair accounting that takes all angles into account.”