When the sun sets Monday evening, Jews from across the country will sit down for a Passover Seder, but perhaps none will be more passionate about the traditional Jewish bread, Matzoh, than Rabbai Shmuel Herzfeld of Northwest, D.C.   

This time of year, Herzfeld is known better as the "Matzoh Man," a fitting name considering his outfit and car. When we caught up with him, he was in a full Matzoh suit, and his car was full covered in Matzoh wrapping. 

"Matzoh Man is super excited for Passover Night," he said. 

Herzfeld is the rabbi for Ohev Shalom, a synagogue located in the Shepherd Park area of Northwest. Every year he dresses in full costume, and hops in the "Matzoh Mobile," to get people in the spirit of the holiday.

"I get smiles," he said. "People are honking. Everybody loves Matzoh Man. Everybody loves the Matzoh Mobile."

Herzfeld also gives away Matzoh in the days leading up to the holiday. Over the weekend he baked home-made Matzoh, which will be devoured at the Seder Monday night. 

"I love the holiday so much," he said. "I love Passover. I love the Matzoh, and I want to share my joy with the world. You don't have to be Jewish to eat Matzoh. Everybody loves Matzoh."

The Seder at Ohev Shalom will get started at 7:45 p.m., Monday night.