A man is sentenced after being found guilty of killing a customer at a Prince George's County wing joint.

Police said Rasheed Edwards opened fire on a group of people after staring them down.

Darryl Hairston II was killed in the shooting more than a year ago.

Family members said they finally have some closure, but their fight is far from over.

The Hairston’s remember it like it was yesterday.

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“They shot him in the head,” They shot him in the head,” Darryl Hairston I said.

Darryl Hairston II was attacked in a Camp Springs restaurant on Temple Hills Road in May 2016.

Tina Hairston told WUSA9, “His last words was 'I love you mom.'”

“My 20-year-old son, who I love dearly, had been shot and killed,” Darryl Hairston I said.

“He just went to go buy food, and that was the hardest part to deal with,” Tina Hairston explained.

The courts determined Rasheed Edwards was the man who pulled the trigger.

He was sentenced to 120 years in prison.

Hairston is remembered as kind.

The Suitland High School graduate loved to play basketball and video games.

He had plans to become a mechanic.

Hairston’s parents said he stayed away from trouble and learned from his dad who spent several years behind bars.

“But I didn't kill nobody, take nobody's life,” Darryl Hairston I said. “I wanted to make some money, but the point was I didn't want him to be like dad. That's what I was showing him. Don't be like dad.”

“I told him I've got you. Anything happens right here; your voice will be heard. It may not be yours, but whatever you're thinking it will be said,” Tina Hairston said.

The parents are now speaking on behalf of their son using a truck covered with Hairston II’s face and the words ‘stop the killing.’

Using the Darryl Hairston II Foundation, the family hopes to mentor young people, help other victim’s families, and advocate for stronger laws.

“I got a pain and grief that was delivered to my door and now I'm going to help others,” Hairston I said.

CLICK HERE for more information about how to get involved with the Darryl Hairston II Foundation.