He calls himself SpeedyCop, and he may be the world's craziest car builder.

Jeff Bloch, his wife and his Gang of Outlaws have built nearly 30 insane race cars at his home here in Southern Maryland. Their raw materials? Planes, helicopters and old Volkswagen vans.

His latest build is the Hippy, Trippy, Tippy Van, a Volkswagen van gutted, tipped on its side, and fastened on top of an old VW Rabbit.

It's hard to believe what comes out of his mind. He took a decades old Cessna plane and stuck it on top of another car. It's street legal, and Bloch says when he drove it to Atlantic City, it nearly blew a gambler's mind.

"He said, 'Did you just come from outer space?' I said, straight face, 'Yep!"… And he said, 'You traveled through space and time, that's awesome,'" he said.

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The Hippy, Trippy, Tippy van is a bit of an optical illusion. The Rabbit inside is upright, it's just the van body on the outside that's sideways, and he's got a couple of old tires stuck to the side to complete the hallucination.

There's no air conditioning, but the visibility's not bad, considering it's sideways.

Bloch's real job is US Park Police sergeant, but he and his wife and their friends spend every spare minute and every spare dime, building – and racing -- wacky race cars.

"He's a nut, he's crazy," said his wife Jaime.

Some of his build's are more successful than others. His upside down Camaro rips down the race course. But his amphibious driving helicopter has been a money pit. He's already sunk 3,000 man hours into it, and it keeps breaking down.

Jamie said she knew what she was in for when she married him.

"He had a transmission on his table, an engine in his bathtub. And there was no passenger seat in his car. I had to ride in the back on dates," he said.

SpeedyCop is now working on a Batmobile.