In addition to other questions on Navid Sepehri, WUSA9 also asked Montgomery County Police about underage drinking and what more parents can do to try and prevent it.

It’s not a new issue, nor is it new in Montgomery County. Two years ago, two college-bound teens from Wootten High School were killed after their friend, who was driving drunk, crashed.

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WUSA9 also reported the success of those two victims’ fathers. They petitioned for and helped get Alex and Calvin’s Law, which provides stricter punishment, even possible jail time, if adults are caught providing alcohol to someone underage.

We're still talking about underage drinking.

What’s the biggest obstacle in fighting this? Montgomery County Police Captain Paul Starks said right away, “Education.”

You can hear the Captain’s words in the video and which concerns have not gone away.

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With regards to businesses selling to people underage, Starks said they issue criminal citations if a business is caught selling to a minor.

If a minor is caught purchasing, Starks said they can also face trouble and possible have their licenses impacted, even if their vehicle is not involved.