Megan Watson fell in love with a wedding dress and ordered it from Glen Burnie’s Alfred Angelo store last March. So did her five bridesmaids.

Now, she and her bridal party are out $1,700. She doesn’t know if she’ll ever see the dresses or her money again.

“I know it’s just a dress, but you know it’s your special wedding day,” said Watson. “You want your dress to be perfect. You want to look the best you ever looked on that day. And that’s how I felt in that dress."

The company shut down all 61 locations across the country last Thursday night after it’s regular closing hour without any notice.

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Seamstress Victoria Shea was just hired a few months ago. She found out she’d lost her job from a bride.

“When they hired me, they told me I would have too much work, like there would be too much work all the time. So, in just a couple of weeks now, there’s no work,” said Shea.

She and another seamstress were working on 80 dresses at their homes. They’re now using backchannels to get those dresses back to stressed out brides and bridesmaids.

Nearby, Cameo Bridal has been inundated with calls from brides. They’re working overtime to rush a buying-and-altering process that usually takes about six months. Cameo salesperson Tracey Newton said she feels for all the brides put out by the sudden closure.

“This is supposed to be a non-stressful time for a bride. We’re trying to alleviate some of that stress,” said Newton.

Cameo Bridal helped Watson find a new dress–one she loves even more.

She has called the Alfred Angelo lawyer, but she hasn't heard back.

“I’m really angry at the way they handled it. I think it really hurt a lot of people. I think they would have had a clue it was going to happen and we could have had some notice,” Watson said.